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Slovak, Czech-Italian Translating Services

  • Technical translation
  • Business translation
  • Legal translation
  • Press translation
  • Tranlation of private letters
  • Certified translation
  • Legalization translated documents
  • Subtitling
  • Private lessons
  • Proofreading
  • Transcription
  • Typing










  Interpreting services from Italian to Slovak / from Slovak to Italian


– Organizing participation in trade fairs held in Italy and Slovakia


– Comprehensive market research and identification of business partners


– Business consultation and provision of access to legal associates concerned with corporate establishments in Italy and Slovakia


– International transportation provision access dealing with travel essentials in Italy, Slovakia and Czech Republic


The client requirements determine the prices. Each customer (company, private person, agency) has a distinct demand that needs to be given specific treatment, in the accordance of which the compensation will be finalized. The price level has several factors of consideration such as the kind of language in which the translation is required, the nature of the industry for which it is needed, the level of technical jargon in the text, the quantitative dimension and definitely the time limit until delivery. All these elements compose the nature of the service that the client desires, be that a company or an individual. If you are interested in a quote, please send a request for translation and documentation of the transfer as an attachment to the address:



Agreement on the translation into force until after written confirmation including delivery and payment terms and total amount for services rendered. If the order is cancelled after written confirmation, the client must pay 10% of the total agreed amount as liquidated damages. If the order is cancelled at the delivery juncture of the translated text, the client will be obligated to pay the agreed amount in full.