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1. How much will it cost to translate my text?

As stated above, compensation rates depend on the language that the text is supposed to be translated in, the technical challenges of the text (legal, commercial or other technical jargon), the size of the document, and the time assigned until the project completion.

 2. How long does it take to translate my content?

Following a careful review of the text, both parties will agree on a deadline. However my utmost effort will concentrate on the intention of delivery of the project prior to the deadline.

3. In what format can I send you the documents to be translated?

Documentation of the transfer can be sent in the following format: Word, Excel, pdf.

 4. What happens to my personal information?

Absolute confidentiality is guaranteed both with respect to the client’s personal information as well as the text translated.

 5. Is the indicated amount as the final bid price non-negotiable or can it change during the period of translation?

The amount mentioned in the final bid can be changed in case of an urgent translation need.

 6. Is there any charge for estimate?

No, the estimate is always free.

 7.  What are the payment terms?

Payment for services is forwarded for the transfer of the translated text, no deposit reimbursed