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This site is operated by Sona Steklac. Our main business is to provide services in translation and interpretation. Information and communication technologies play in our work a significant role. This document Privacy describes how we collect and use personal information about people who visit our website.
Information on visitors to our site
On our site you can enter and browse the different sections without having to disclose their personal data.
The use of our site we collect general information such as data about which areas users visit most frequently and which services are most used. Work exclusively with summary information upon which it is impossible to identify individual visitors to the site.
This information help us obtain information about movements on the site and allow us to improve our services. This general information can be shared within each company Sona Steklac


If you choose to register in our database, you are asked for personal information such as name, address and e-mail address or phone number.
Sona Steklac company uses your personal information only for purposes connected with our services. We do not collect any other personal information through our website, or do not use the personal data for other purposes.
With your personal information will be treated fairly and in accordance with applicable legislation.


By submitting your personal data you consent to the use of the extent described in this document.


Sona Steklac company does not provide your personal information (your name, address, e-mail or phone number) or information about your visits to our site to third parties, except:
• if you give us your consent,
• where required by law.
General information about using our website but we can record them and provide our partners to the extent described in this document.


Sona Steklac company undertakes to comply with privacy policies. We have various protective systems, which ensures that we protect your personal data against:
• unauthorized access
• misuse and abuse
• unauthorized changes or modifications
• unlawful damage data

Because the Internet space but open to all, Sona Steklac company can not guarantee that information you submit will not be intercepted by a third party.
All of our employees who have access to your information are bound to observe these privacy policies.
Our site may contain links to external websites operated by other companies which may collect personal information about visitors to their sites. Sona Steklac company is not responsible for the content and protection of these sites and assumes no responsibility for any external web site.


Intentionally do not collect information about children. Sona Steklacn service is intended to adults. We believe that personal data should children be made available only upon the consent of parents. If you are unsure about the scope of use of our sites your child, please set the web filter on your computer.


On our website we do not use cookies.


Your information will be kept for the time necessary for completion of services that you have requested.


If we decide to change our commitment to privacy, will post any changes here. This way you are always aware of what information we gather, how we use it and if someone on their offer.


You have the following rights:
• the right to see all the information we have about you
• the right to seek correction of erroneous data or (in certain cases) to request deletion of your personal data
To learn more about privacy, please contact the Office for Personal Data Protection.


If you have questions regarding the use of your personal information, or you want to add, correct or delete your personal information, please contact us at